Welcome To The Year 2013.

I can’t believe we’ve already hit 2013. You would think I would have seen it coming, but with exams before the holidays, and that all-important December 21st, closely followed by Christmas and then New Year’s Eve… To think today is the first day of a whole new year is quite mind-blowing, to say the least.

2012 was a great year, for many reasons:

I was lucky enough to get amazing work experience within the fashion industry, at Lambert+Associates and then Lutz Huelle. I got to go to Fashion Week twice, the highlight being Dries Van Noten back in October. I got the first part of my Baccalauréat done, and survived. I got to go back home to Ireland 5 times, which is far more than what I’m used to, and therefore got to spend a lot more time with my family. The world didn’t end. And Kate The Parisienne was born.

Hopefully, 2013 will be just as good, because:

It’s my last year in school, and the year my Baccalauréat will be done, finished, over. I’ll be starting college next September, finally studying Fashion Business & Marketing in Paris. I’ll be turning 18. I already have a few amazing trips planned, with friends and family. Hopefully more work experience and fashion shows, looking forward to meeting people I truly admire. And as I told you back in that very first post, Kate The Parisienne still ain’t going nowhere.

As somebody who has always loved making lists, though I rarely manage to stick to them, New Year’s Resolutions are a tradition I happen to be very fond of. Even if you don’t make them all happen, I believe they can act as a nice guideline to your life throughout the year. Here are a few of mine:

–  To be more organized (you would not believe the extent of the chaos I live in sometimes) – and therefore be on time (I am ALWAYS late. I think I’m cursed).

– To keep calm – Stress is my middle name, a name I need to drop before my final exams.

– To finish the projects I start.

– To make more time to appreciate and enjoy all the wonderful, interesting exhibits and other cultural events that Paris has to offer.

– To go back in time to meet Yves Saint Laurent. Okay, more realistically (haha), to meet Garance Doré. Oh, and Nicolas Ghesquière.

– To learn how to surf next Summer.

Above all, 2013 is the first full year I’ll be sharing with you, and I can’t wait. A very happy new year to all of my readers.




Any Thoughts?

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