Shop Til You Drop.

The Winter Sales have finally hit Paris, and its inhabitants have therefore embarked upon a month-long crusade against each other. Does anyone even enjoy the sales anymore? I mean, does any one of us find pleasure in getting up at the crack of dawn and fighting off the masses in order to get that one great deal?

Pretty much reminds me of this scene in Friends:

… That is EXACTLY what we are going to get to witness. Should we be amused or horrified?

But let us, just for a moment, admire how beautifully ironic the Sales are. By pure definition, the items on sale are the ones that weren’t sold throughout the past season: and let me tell you, the chances are that if you weren’t prepared to pay full price for those shoes, or that handbag, the fact that you want them now is probably solely down to the fact that they’ve had a small sum knocked off the price tag. You don’t actually want them, or need them, but that 20% off sticker can be so appealing… Just as long as you remember that 20% off 600€ is still pretty horrendously expensive! So Sales Rule n°1 = NO impulse buying; 9 times out of 10, it will end up being a waste of time, money and energy.

Another Sales-related question I personally find fascinating is: Where do you shop? Are you a  busy-shop sales freak like Rachel, Phoebe & Monica, or a stay-in-bed-and-shop-online kind of person? Nowadays both options are possible, and they have changed the way we consider shopping… Forever (dun, dun, duuuuun — scary music, did you not get that? Oh well.) Those who don’t have time to be standing outside Zara at its opening (see video, once again) can buy everything they need from their own living room, or in the car, or while waiting in line at the bakery… Unfortunately, this aspect of the Sales also has a dark side: not being able to feel the material, or try on the dress, can lead to even more thoughtless impulse buying… Though you could also select the garment in the morning, ponder over it all day long, talk to a friend about it over dinner, and make an informed decision the next day. Computerized shopping… Is that a good thing? Fashion and technology are so closely intertwined these days anyway that the evolution was pretty much inevitable. But that’s a different subject, which deserves an entirely different post!

The All-Important question still remains… What to buy ?

If you wanted the jacket before the sales but couldn’t afford it, get it now. If not, put it down and bravely walk away. Personally, being Irish and therefore used to Penney’s (Primark) prices, Zara and Topshop are about as expensive as I’ll go. At this point in time, my Wish List features a nice black bag (because if you know me, you know mine is falling apart), a fun jacket (see next post), some black jeans (because I NEVER find the perfect width-length match) and boots… Basics are always great investments, so I reckon the sales are the time to get them.

Oh, and I am also just after falling in love with this: Damn you, Zara….

Zara top side

Zara top back

“YES MOM, it’s a top… NO MOM, I won’t wear it to school…” I can already picture how that conversation is going to go.

What are you guys craving for, or what have you already bought? And what kind of a shopper are you?




Any Thoughts?

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