Back And Bad.

A long time ago is when I last posted, a galaxy far far away is where you should send me next time I don’t write anything for over a month! (This is also my way of admitting how much I love Star Wars. Yes, seriously. Coolest movies EVER MADE. Anyway.)

Funnily enough, I was once told by a fellow blogger that the ONE THING I was NEVER EVER EVER to do was apologize to my readers for not writing enough. And I mean, NEVER. The person in question explained to me at the time that this was supposedly proof of a lack of professionalism, a sign that I wasn’t actually seriously committed to my work.


When I think back to that conversation, this little voice inside my head somehow starts reminding me that, at the end of the day, I’m seventeen. And I LOVE my blog, love writing about all the things I’m passionate about and being able to share them with the world, but I’m also in school, and trust me, the French education system ain’t no walk in the park dude. So no, I’m not a professional, and you all know it.

I’d actually like to think that my amateurism is one of the things that keeps bringing you back. I’m not the slightest bit corrupted, I don’t care how people judge me, and I write the way I’d speak to you if we were face to face (or so I’ve been told by a few friends – apparently, I write the way I talk… not sure if this is a good thing or not, though I’m thinking it’s probably not). This is the way I want my blog to be. Like a funky magazine that only comes out twice a year, or like a friend’s Facebook page that you love to read because it always has good music and cool instagram pics, or even, for those of you who have read Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, like a Wonka Bar you only take a tiny bite of every so often so as to make it last as long as possible… Okay, I’ll admit that last example was weird weird weird, but you get what I mean.

So as a non pro, I APOLOGIZE, thoroughly and sincerely, for my terrible blogging. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen that I have promised you a perfect week, with a post a day (to keep the doctor away… no? Okay, note to self, do not write posts when tired – not the slightest bit funny).

But a big thank you to all for coming back, for reading, for following and commenting, even when I’m in a non-posting frame of mind – it means a lot and is so amazingly motivating. Tomorrow = FWTA (ASBVAC/DBK). What do you mean you don’t understand my gibberish? Alright then, Fashion Week Trend Analysis (As Seen By Vogue And Commented/Destroyed By Kate). Because seriously, I have a huge amount of respect for most designers, but… I don’t plan on incorporating ostrich feathers into my outfit any time soon. Or head-to-toe crocodile skin. Or layers and layers of “metallic mesh” (yes, I quote). But of course, that’s just one woman’s opinion…

This should be fun. As I said, I’m Back & I’m Bad!



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