Loving: Alexa for MyTheresa.

Alexa Chung is definitely one of my style icons. I do not know if it is because she has exquisite taste, because she is quirky and fun, or if the fact that she is also a DJ just automatically makes her that much cooler… She doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously, and that appeals to me. She plays with fashion, as all of us should.

MyTheresa.com has chosen Alexa to inaugurate their new series, which is basically “why do you wear what you do and what is it you love about fashion”. Every month, they plan on interviewing “a famous woman – from the world of fashion, art, music or culture – with inspiring style, asking them to share their fashion advice and musings”. (Vogue)

Whatever their reasons are, I am Loving Alexa’s video, not only because she is beautiful, and because the clothes chosen for the shoot are beautiful, but because I find it interesting to hear her explaining her own style (and she uses impressive vocabulary – inherently, emulating – not just a pretty face ladies and gentlemen).

Here is the video, short and sweet, but I felt like sharing it with you. Enjoy, fellow fashionistas & Alexa-fans.




Any Thoughts?

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