Loving: Iris Van Herpen.

Having met Iris Van Herpen in a showroom yesterday, it suddenly dawned upon me that due to her relatively low-key profile, you might not all know about her or her modernist, innovative and cutting edge designs – and seeing as this woman is what one could call a creative GENIUS, this is obviously a BIG problem.


She is a Dutch fashion designer, born on June 5th 1984, who after having studied fashion and worked for some of the industry’s major players (ever heard of Alexander McQueen?), started her own label back in 2007. She has been a guest member at the Parisian Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, a privilege for any designer, since 2011; and she herself designs both Couture and Ready-to-Wear.

Obviously, Haute Couture tends to give the designer far more freedom: imagination runs wild and fantasies become reality.

A few examples.

Crystallization – July 2010, Amsterdam Fashion Week

PHOTO © PETER STIGTER FILENAME IS DESIGNER NAME SPRING/SUMMER 2011IrisCrystallization2Escapism – January 2011, Paris Haute Couture Week


Micro – January 2012, Paris Haute Couture Week

IrisMicro1IrisMicro2Hybrid Holism – July 2012, Paris Haute Couture Week

IrisHybridHolism1IrisHybridHolism2IrisHybridHolism3Wilderness Embodied – July 2013, Paris Haute Couture Week

IrisWilderness1IrisWilderness2IrisWilderness3And finally… The show that made me fall in love with her, and convinced me that couture could be edgy, and not just frilly over-the-top prom dresses.

VOLTAGE – January 2013, Paris Haute Couture Week. To be watched in its entirety, for it is just sublime.




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