Loving: Winter Coats.

As I told you almost a year ago now (my GOD how time flies…), Autumn-Winter is, and always has been (and always will be), my season. Forget flimsy dresses, sandals and swimsuits: fashion is at its best and most interesting when one is required to layer up, pairing coats with jackets with dresses with tights with socks with shoes… You get the picture. It is the time of year where FFP (Fashion Faux Pas) are far more possible, just waiting to creep up on you, because a simple top and shorts just doesn’t cut it anymore.

But fear not, dear readers: as long as you invest in THE SSP (Season’s Statement Piece), and choose it well, you should be safe enough. That all-important life-saving cold-banishing piece is, of course, The Winter Coat. This year, the catwalks offered up quite a selection (see Céline, Victoria Beckham, DKNY, Richard Nicoll, Stella McCartney… for inspiration).

DKNY1 HErmes1 VicB1 RN1 PaulS1 Truss1 RN2 PS1 RN3

(As you may have noticed, Oversized is what I’m dreaming of… Probably in grey…)

But for those of you who, like yours truly, don’t necessarily have the money in the kitty to acquire such prestigious labels, you need not worry. The High Street has, as always, thought of the “less fortunate” (haha) and adopted the major trends whilst breaking down the prices. So… We’re saved!

I have been rummaging through the Asos website in the hope of stumbling upon my heart’s desire (because I love Zara but frankly I’m sick and tired of having the exact same clothes as everyone else in Paris), and these are a few of the very affordable (and adorable) beauties I found.

So get shopping guys, because if the weather we’ve been having in Paris is anything to go by (FREEZING), it’s going to be a long, cold Winter…




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