The Countdown To N…Y…C.

Start spreading the news… KTP is off to New York!

Excited, me? Nah. Nope. Not really. It’s just New York. You know. No big deal. Been there, done that, bought 500 I Love NY tshirts. Whatevah.

No, as you can probably imagine, though my extreme subtlety may have fooled you, I am over the moon. It is true that I have taken a bite out of the Big Apple before, but how could I understand at the ages of ten or even twelve how lucky I was to be there? I was a child, the best part of being in New York back then was the piano keyboard I danced on in FAO Schwarz, and the big wheel in Toys R Us… Not exactly a Kate the Parisienne outlook on things, no.

… Though you have to admit, it is pretty cool.


Today, imagining myself in the city that never sleeps rhymes with long walks through Central Park, rediscovering the Guggenheim, the Met and the MOMA, recreating that Audrey Hepburn moment outside Tiffany’s, seeing my first show on Broadway, soaking up the fashion in Meatpacking District and Soho, stalking tracking down Garance Doré, trying to find a job for next July, photographing streetstyle from dawn until dusk, admiring the new World Trade Center, getting my tattoo done because it’s far cheaper than in Paris, maybe a little shopping… And hopefully discover a few magic places which belong to real New Yorkers, and not just to tourists.

Which is why I am asking you, my dear readers, for a few suggestions, or a hundred suggestions. How can I make this a KTP trip to remember? What are the most fashionable/weird/amazing things to do, to see, to experience?

I have been searching my regular go-to blogs for tips, pictures, ideas, anything that I might find interesting, but if you were to feel like helping me out, I would be very grateful. Right now, I’m just getting stupidly giddy about it: only 3 days to go!



guggenheim museum3Metropolitan_Museum_of_Artchicago

garance_doreone world trade center

TuulaVintageWhat’s getting me really geared up is this video, perfectly portraying the City that never (never ever ever) sleeps…




One response to “The Countdown To N…Y…C.

  1. If you like experimental theater then you must see Sleep No More! Here is the website: It’s pricey, but so worth it. For more information on it, check out this review: Make sure to wear comfy shoes because you will be walking for a long time. I did it last December and it is one my all-time favorite NYC experiences (and I lived there for 2 years!). Also, Magnolia’s cupcakes are to die for. They were made famous by Sex and the City. And you must visit Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Empire State building. All beautiful! Have an amazing time! Bon voyage!

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