Pretty in… Pink?

This one, I did not see coming.

The Return of… Pink.

(I have to admit, I was looking for some kind of cool, witty pun to insert there, but being a SSWG (Supreme Star Wars Geek), all that I could think of was Return of the Jedi… And the closest I got to the topic was Return of the Pink-Eye… Which rhymed, but made no sense whatsoever. So I decided against it. But I just told you all of this, which defeats the purpose of editing my stupid comments in the first place. …I am now going to stop for a few minutes, because this is turning into verbal [written] diarrhoea.)

I do not think I have worn the god-forsaken reject of the colour spectrum since I was about ten years old. Candy Floss. My Little Pony. Disney Princesses. Childish. Way-too-girly. These are the thoughts wandering through my eighteen-year-old mind when it comes to Pink. There is absolutely nothing Pink in my wardrobe. The mere term sounds like a dirty word to me. Pink. Sickly sweet, oh-so-inappropriate if worn by anyone over the age of five… Yes, as you can see, Le Rose and I do not have what I would call the best relationship. In fact, if I’m being entirely honest, I can’t stand it.

But designers, buyers, editors, bloggers and sheep all over the world apparently disagree. The Rebirth of Pink seems to be the neatest thing since [insert the coolest thing ever, be it sliced bread or BBM for Iphone].

I do not know if this is down to some strange, twisted, psychological need to be a kid again, if it is simply honouring times past or if the world has been taken over by a Giant Mind-Warping Monster Barbie… (I reckon it’s option number 3). But for someone who has spent time developing a closet with no hue more eccentric than navy blue or dark green, this is a problem. I am blinded by Pink whichever way I look.


pink-street-style street-style-pink Fall-2013-Trends-Pink-Street-Style-Toronto-Fashion-Week-600x400 la-modella-mafia-Spring-2012-trend-Monochromatic-Pink Fall-2013-Trends-Pink-Street-Style-Toronto-Fashion-Week-Odessa-Paloma-Parker-600x400 pink_prints_jakandjil Street-Style-Pink-Colour-Of-The-Week-5 Street-Style-Pink-Colour-Of-The-Week-10I don’t understand.

But if you wear Pink, good for you. This is just one woman’s opinion.

Just tell me why.




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